As a school and alternative provision we work with several services to quality assure our practice. These assessments are internal, external, commissioned and standadised. We store reprts and results in this area for our parents and students to view. 

As a new school we have recently recieved our first ofsted inspection. As an independent school we have 34 standards that we have to demonstrate which are judged on. We were very pleased with some of the areas of the inspection as it identified the team and students hard work and dedication into developing a nurturing school community. However it also highlighted 4 standards that we needed to improve. Since the inspection our dedicated staff team has made many improvements and look forward to welcoming the inspectors back in the near future to demonstrate the following:

Updated curriculum:

(Standard 2)Our SLT team has consulted with schools similar to ours and radically changed our curriculum to ensure that it is developing the required skills of students to a high standard. We have redisigned our time table and tutor groups inlign with best practice.

(Standard 3) Improvement in teaching :

Although our personal development offer is excellent, we needed to develop consistent teaching strategies and monitoring systems. We now have a student profile system where all staff can be aware of individual student needs to enable the best possible progress in all areas of learning.

We are apointing new teaching staff to delivier core topics and developing the skills of current staff with in their specialty subject.

SEN resources hav been audited, adapted and expanded to ensure learning is both accessible and fun.

Our progress assessment framework has been further developed and its analysis is cascaded to all staff in a systematic manner

An intense staff training and support programme has also increase staff knowledge in specific areas of learning including Maths and English.

(standard 9) Improved classroom behaviour:

In consultation with our students and parents we have improved both reward and sanctions systems, created visual resources and delivered additional staff traing and support.

(standard 34) Leadership and management responsibilities:

Alongside our school governors our leadership team has developed a more systematic approach towards training, development, quality assurance, resource and admissions to ensure a smoother school day.

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