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Welcome to Diamond Families



Conceived in 2011 Diamond families was developed by Emma following extensive research and work in the areas of special educational needs, therapies, inclusion, trauma, attachment and nurture theory. Working alongside local, national and international projects for many years gave Emma base for creating a centre of both education and therapy with some inspirational results.
Building teams of professionals whose words and support will empower and improve another persons wellbeing and life opportunities...... Professionally and personally, this is Emmas passion. Watching someone develop into a greater version of themselves and having the privilege of supporting them on their journey is her life long vocation.
Diamond Families does not have a magic wand that magics away people's bad experience's. What we do have, is nurturing and skilled staff that enable us to meet children and families at very low points in their lives to map out a productive, successful and meaningful journey whilst eliminating what has been holding them back. Using many evidence based and alternative therapies, we start to watch families sparkle in motivation and ambition by building their own skills. Our centre is based on a farm in the heart of staffordshires enchanting countryside
Emma loves being creative and problem solving! Often with a furry baby at her heels, Emma is the gem of our team.
Who do we work with? our client list is varied from groups of children, individual families to large companies. If your problem fits the profile of transforming lives then we can usually find a solution.

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Diamond Families, Rosslyn Road, Longton, Stoke-On-Trent, ST3 4JD